HR Solutions

“Let it go or be dragged.”
~ Zen proverb
This wisdom applies to organizations.
When it’s time to change, let go of whatever isn’t working and move forward.

If your organization is facing:

  • A lack of cross-team collaboration or accountability
  • A strategic plan that calls for skills and roles that your current team doesn’t have
  • Inefficiencies, redundancies, and unsustainable workloads
  • Bottlenecks in the workflow
  • A new supervisor who lacks understanding of your organization’s culture
  • Supervisors who aren’t able to provide clear and constructive performance goals and feedback
  • Challenges in adapting to new workplace models

Here’s how I can help:

  • Providing coaching services to all levels of management and staff
  • Assessing organizational, operational, and performance-based gaps and providing you with a strategic plan to move forward
  • Resolving complex workplace issues through mediation and conflict resolution
  • Giving you tools to address change management and flexibility in the workplace
  • Identifying learning and development opportunities for your employees
  • Supporting you to find ways to nurture and promote your strongest employees
  • Defining skills and competencies for future organizational growth
  • Succession planning
  • Guiding recruitment strategy
  • Supporting leadership in team-building skills
Jenny has outstanding coaching and consulting skills that were highly valued by her clients.
Larry Hunt, Former AVP, HR, Smith College

HR Competencies

Executive Coaching

One-on-one sessions with senior managers/leaders to help identify goals and develop strategies to best reach these goals and boost the organization’s performance. Coaching sessions can address any challenge a manager is facing, including communication, performance issues, team building, and more.

Employee Relations

Happy and productive working relationships are paramount to the success of any organization. I work with you to develop a strong employee relations strategy. This creates a foundation for building relationships and collaboration in the workplace through clear and transparent communications; and it ensures that employees understand and follow policies and procedures.

Conflict Resolution/Mediation

Resolving conflict between co-workers or between supervisors and their team members is a delicate process. Using various mediation and creative problem-solving techniques, I help pave the way to arrive at mutually agreeable changes in behavior and find ways to co-exist more peacefully.

Organizational Assessments

Reviewing an organization’s processes, work environment, and organizational structure is critical for developing action plans that support organizational objectives. Through careful and detailed analysis of your organization, I provide guidance on best strategies for reaching your goals.

Workplace Planning

Workplace planning is integral for moving into the future successfully. I provide support to analyze your organization’s workforce and determine future staffing, skills, competencies, and training needs. It’s a valuable opportunity to review strengths of your current organizational structure and target areas for improvement.

Team Building

Team building is essential to healthy work culture and improves job satisfaction, employee retention, and productivity. I support managers to develop skills in creating and nurturing teams.

While working with Jenny at Tufts University and WGBH, I was impressed by her ability to quickly assess needs and take action— building trusted relationships and employing strong consultative skills to support various stakeholders and initiatives throughout both organizations. Jenny has a thoughtful, collaborative approach that allows space for thinking through options and coming up with sustainable solutions. She’s also fun to work with.
Linda Cataldo, Former VP, Human Resources, Tufts University
and Head of Human Resources, WGBH Educational Foundation