Growing an organization is like cultivating a garden. Like a healthy garden, when you provide your employees with the right conditions—effective leadership, clear communication, and ongoing skills training—they blossom and thrive, and so does your workplace.

Jenny Silver is a highly skilled, results-driven Human Resources leader with over 20 years of experience in higher education, nonprofit, and small business consulting. Her expertise spans a broad range of Employee Relations competencies – from coaching all levels of management and staff, leadership development, mediation, and change management, to organizational assessments, employee relations, hiring recommendations, policy interpretation, and legal liabilities.

Leadership Experience

In her tenures as Assistant Director of Employee Relations at Smith College and HR Consultant at Tufts University, Jenny worked closely with managers and department leaders to develop a positive and productive working environment. She counseled all levels of management in responding and communicating with staff, conducted needs assessments, evaluated operational and performance-based gaps, made strategic recommendations, and designed long-range plans. As Recruitment Manager for three law firms, Jenny honed her skills in all aspects of recruitment and hiring, as well as counseling new recruits. In her consultancy with small businesses, Jenny draws from her wealth of HR skills to help business owners communicate effectively with staff, resolve conflicts, create strategic plans, and align employees with company goals.

The work we did together matters. Jenny reminded me of this over and over again, with her diligent, thoughtful, and principled attention to every bit of our shared work. She brought  trusted feedback, thoughtful engagement, and good humor through it all”.
Patty DiBartolo, Professor, Psychology and Former Dean of Academic Development
Smith College
A true people-person, Jenny’s compassion and finely-tuned ability to listen helps de-escalate any “stuck” situation quickly. She understands where problems originate and how to resolve them. A trained mediator, Jenny is experienced in conflict resolution and intervention facilitation. She has successfully helped organizations navigate a wide range of challenging issues, including employment practices, sexual harassment, discrimination, and disability-related questions. Jenny can untangle difficult situations with a lightness and humor that puts everyone at ease. Her reputation as a champion team-builder follows her wherever she goes. Jenny teaches and empowers managers to draw the best from their staff and create a happy and thriving workplace culture. 
Jenny Silver and I worked closely together at Smith, where she conducted organizational assessments for me many times — in both academic and non-academic units — with terrific results. On the strength of those successes, I have engaged her as an external consultant at William & Mary, to help the president’s office staff develop more efficient, happier, and more collaborative workflows and culture. Jenny Silver’s superpower for listening and inviting colleagues to talk openly about how they hope to improve their workplaces is invaluable in speeding positive change.  
Katherine Rowe, President
William & Mary College